Volume 2, 1997-1998



General characteristics of two xylanolytic bacterial strains isolated from Bulgarian hot springs
         R.Mandeva, P. Dimitrov and E. Emanuilova

Degradation of dimetylterephthalate by naturally formed microbial associations 169AC and 189AC
         L. Tserovska and R. Dimkov

Screening of antimicrobial activities among Bulgarian lactobacilli strains
        Z. Sholeva, St. Stefanova and V. Chipeva

Studies on vacuum-drying for the preservation of plant pathogenic bacteria
        M.J. Fletcher and J.M. Young

Long-term preservation of vitality and light emission of luminous bacterial strains
        I. Abrashev, A. Sotirova, K. Ilieva and T. Donev

Natural polymorphism of strain Streptomyces galbus (F.) subsp. achromogenes 695
        L. Yocheva and S. Antonova-Nikoova

An investigation of the trechalose accumulation dynamics by yeasts from genus Saccharomyces
        I. Savova, T. Donev and Z. Sholeva

Isolation and charcterisation of two thermotolerant Kluyveromyces yeast strains
        A. Kujumdzieva, T. Nedeva, M. Morfova and V. Savov

Taxonomic investigation of Monascus purpureus 94-25 strain
        T. Rasheva, J.- N. Hallet and A. Kujumdzieva

Cryopreservation of tospoviruses
        A. Yordanova, D. Christova and T. Donev

Electrophoretic differentiation of some tobamoviruses
        Z. Sholeva, A. Yordanova and E. Stoimenova

An increase of the total solidification temperature in salt media by dextran protection
        T. Donev and S. Dimitrova