Volume 1, 1995



Application of molecular biological methods in taxonomy of genus Streptomyces (review)
        K. Christova, Z. Sholeva andV. Chipeva
Changes in Streptomyces hygroscopicus 155 endopeptidase and aminopeptidase activity and heat resistance under starvation and increased temperature
        Z. Sholeva and I. Ivanova
Microbiological analysis of activated sludge in municipal wastewater treatment plant at "Kremikovtsi" Holding
        L. Mehandjiyska

Microbial culture adaptation to biodegradation of dimethylterephthalate
        L. Tserovska, R. Dimkov and Y. Topalova

The polyamine cell composition as a chemotaxonomic marker in lactic acid bacteria identification
        V. Chipeva, L. Mehandjiyska and E. Dumanova

Preservation of Streptococcus thermophilus strains after long-term storage in luophilized state
        B. Gyosheva, I. Petrova and M. Mtafchieva

Influence of the cultivation conditions on yeast strains survival after lyophilization
        T. Donev, I. Savova and A. Kujumdzieva

Serological relationship of some cucumber mosaic virus strains
        A. Yordanova and D. Hristova

Investigations on the strain variability of tobamoviruses and cucumovirus isolated from Bulgaria
        E. Stoimenova