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The NBIMCC currently maintains over 5300 bacteria, 1200 yeasts and fungi, about 280 animal viruses, plant viruses and animal cell cultures. Most of them can be found in our online catalogue. Some new strains may be still not included in the catalogue.

1. Ordering of strains.

1.1. The distribution of microbiological samples from the public NBIMCC collection is carried out according to the NBIMCC Microbiological Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), which is in compliance with the ECCO recommendations. By ordering strains/lines, the customer accepts the terms and conditions specified in the NBIMCC MTA.

1.2. NBIMCC accepts orders preferably by e-mail to It is also possible to order by fax (+359 2 872 08 65) or  post. Ordering by phone is not accepted.

1.3. Customer must submit a completed Order form together with a signed MTA. We do not accept requests from individuals.

1.4. The users can select a strain/line number from the online catalogues. Since not all bioresources maintained in NBIMCC are published in the catalog, a preliminary request for strains by specific characteristics can be made via e-mail.

1.5. The distribution of microbiological samples from the public NBIMCC collection is carried out also according to Protocol of Nagoya (,

1.6. Microorganisms and cell cultures are supplied for in vitro use only. The users need to be sure that have the appropriate permits and equipment to handle the strains/lines.

1.7. NBIMCC has the right to refuse the supplying of microbiological samples, having informed the user for the reasons - incomplete forms or impossibility to execute the order.

1.8. Payment for cultures should be made via bank transfer only. In most cases, the customer will get an invoice for the total amount after receiving the shipment. All payments are due 30 days after date of invoice.

1.9. Microorganisms and viruses are usually delivered in freeze-dried form, unless they are not available in this state. It is possible to order active growing culture on request (when appropriate). Animal cell lines are distributed in frozen form only.

1.10. The dispatch of the samples in all cases is carried out with a courier company. Shipments comply with international regulations concerning transport of biological material. It is the responsibility of the customer to check the import regulations for the species ordered.

1.11. Complaints about contamination or non-viability can be accepted within 30 days after the date of dispatch and presupposing that the instructions for revival and cultivation have been followed properly.

2. Price list.