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NBIMCC maintains microbiological objects preserved by freeze-drying and/or freezing in liquid nitrogen. Periodic checks for viability, quality control, revitalization and conservation of samples are carried out.

1. Types of deposit.

1.1. Open deposit.

The NBIMCC accepts microbiological samples of interest for the research investigations and industry, which are or will be cited in the literature. Information about the strains will be published in the catalogue. These cultures may be provided to third parties. Thus the biological material will be available to the international scientific community in both academic and industrial institutions.
The deposit in the public collection is carried out in accordance with the Protocol of Nagoya and the Convention on Biological Diversity.

1.2. Patent deposit.

NBIMCC accepts microbiological samples for patent purpose in accordance with the requirements of the Budapest treaty on the international recognition of the deposit of microorganisms for the purposes of patent procedure (BT). NBIMCC is responsible for the viability and purity of the stored cultures for a period of no less than 30 years. The deposit will be recognized internationally. Information about the strains will not be published in the catalogue and they will not be available to third parties. The material and all the related information will be handled strictly confidentially. Samples will be only distributed within the strict restraints of the Budapest Treaty.

1.3. Safe deposit.

NBIMCC accepts for storage microbiological samples of interest to science, for a certain time, pursuant to a contract for safe deposit. Information about the strains will not be published in the catalogue and they will not be available to third parties. This type of deposit is used for Bulgarian customers or joint-stock companies having branch in Bulgaria registered in the Commercial register and register of NPLE.


2. General requirements.

The deposit of microbiological objects is carried out according to Criteria for Deposit of Microbiological Material in NBIMCC.

3. Deposit procedure.

3.1. Users of the service can request for a deposit in the NBIMCC by e-mail (,
3.2. Users can complete and send an
Accession form for microorganisms for open and safe deposits. For patent deposit users can complete and send an Accession form (BP1).
3.3. On request, NBIMCC sends accession forms for deposit of the other microbiological groups.

3.4. NBIMCC decides whether the deposit of the strain/line will be accepted, depending on its characteristics and cultivation conditions and sends a confirmation letter. NBIMCC can refuse a deposit in the case of incomplete documentation or impossibility to maintain the culture.
3.5. NBIMCC sends a Microbiological material deposit agreement to be signed by the depositor for deposit in the public collection.
3.6. The depositor prepares and dispatches the biological material according to section Requirements and Instructions.

3.7. After proper preservation and viability check NBIMCC sends a deposit certificate.
3.8. For patent deposit NBIMCC sends international forms BP4 (receipt of the original deposit) and BP9 (viability statement).

4. Schedule of fees for deposit services.

5. For further details please contact us on email: